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We find exceptional experts and leaders

Working with Kummer is...

fun paired with success. Our style, our positive energy are not just soft skills, they are the foundation for successful partnerships: Since our founding, we have had one principle set in stone: all people who work with us should enjoy their time with us – clients, candidates and employees. Enjoying the interaction with us, enjoying the results of our work.

How do we achieve this? We care, we ask until we understand all needs and requirements in detail. We can listen just as well as we can convince. We have an opinion, a lot of experience and a philosophy - but we are ready to question ourselves every day and to do things (even) better.

The Kummer culture makes the difference.

Our philosophy: Trustful and effective consulting does not thrive on suit and tie, but on expertise and trust. Translating the Flower Power of the 70s into today, this means: We stand for an approachable, appreciative, friendly cooperation. It's better to laugh once too often than too little.

We at Kummer do a good job because we love it. Because we have a hell of fun at work. Because we genuinely enjoy dealing with people. Because espertise, energy and cordiality go hand in hand. Identification with our job also means identification with our clients and candidates. That is why we deliver excellent results.

In this sense we are friendly plain speakers. Honest, authentic and with integrity. This may sound self-evident. In an industry where whitewashing is the rule, we want to be the pleasant exception.

We are not afraid to say what we can and what we cannot do. That is exactly why we kindly decline inquiries if they are not in one of our fields of competence. Conversely, if we accept a mandate, we are the right ones.

Consulting should feel relaxed and natural. When good vibes meet true understanding, we will achieve fantastic results. This is why Kummer has extremely loyal clients.

Success is earned. Sympathy is enjoyed. Together we smile.

Why candidates love Kummer

A job move is only successful if it is a stroke of luck for both parties.

This means: Only if candidates experience their professional change as exactly the right step in their career path, we at Kummer have done our job. And only then will the company perceive the new hire as a real boost for their venture.

In order to achieve such a constellation, in-depth discussions are necessary in advance, in which things also become personal. We want to know: Who is this person with all their skills, needs and goals? We receive extraordinarily positive feedback for our interviews because we talk to each other honestly, confidentially and transparently, ask the right questions and jointly deliver excellent analyses and results.

We are family

Father and son, with offices in Stuttgart and Berlin. You could also say: Proven Daimler quality meets innovative Tesla pioneering spirit. Or Berliner Philharmoniker playing with Fanta4. For us, cross-generational means bringing together the best of all worlds.

Two founders, two generations, one philosophy: As a family business, family values count for us. And we operate completely independently. Our focus is on the client, not on shareholder value. Because we are entrepreneurs, we understand people who think and decide entrepreneurially. We understand the importance of personnel decisions and corporate culture, as well as growth curves and strategic processes. That's why empathy has two directions for us: human empathy and entrepreneurial empathy.

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Join Kummer

No matter how big we get, no matter how much we grow: We are and will remain a family-oriented, people-friendly company with an extreme fun and feel-good factor. Clearly, the secret of our success is our corporate culture. Professional success, career opportunities and working in a family environment are naturally linked at our company. If you leave Kummer, you may want to realize your dream of owning your own gallery, or you may want to move to Australia – but certainly not to a competitor.

You as a consultant at Kummer, that would be it! We would definitely like to get to know you, so please apply directly here with us.